Some are meant to plant seeds, some to water and some receive the honor of watching those seeds grow. Áse Power Consult works towards fostering inclusive spaces that encourages clients to embrace and honors all stages of maturation. I provide sustainable community building protocols that allows clients to work towards achieving the next stage of their communal growth. 


”Thank you again for providing us a great workshop. We learned so much and have so much to continue learning.” - 826LA Management


“I suspect I’m not alone in feeling more inspired and focused after the activities you led us through. I’m in awe of how you put very big social issues into such a pragmatic and positive framework. Thank you so much for listening to us, and for sharing your time, your expertise, and yourself.”

Cheryl Klein, Grants Manager, Homeboy Industries


“Nancy is unlike any consultant I have encountered in my twenty-plus years as an arts administrator. The working environment she creates is safe, energetic, and highly interactive, with a keen focus on the power of language and the impact on others of the words we use. Most importantly, Nancy is incredibly adept at recognizing and managing sensitive situations without judgment. “

James Haskins, Managing Director, The Wilma Theater

The Williams Project.jpeg

“Watching you so masterfully direct the flow of conversation to bring out such deep thoughts from the audience in such a short amount of time was amazing! As a young woman, it was such a good learning experience for me to witness the way you facilitated with compassion and strength.”

Avery Haller, The Williams Project, Town Hall Participant

“I felt closer to the folks in the EndGames community, I was able to use my voice and talk about things that are important to me.”

Diversity Workshop Participant


“Ms. Moricette has helped us build our inclusion program from the ground up. She has introduced myself and the rest of my management team to fostering equitable practices and modeling inclusive behavior within our theater, a topic we knew nothing about before we began working with her.”-

Zach Huddelston, Managing Director, iO West Theater


“Thanks again for your spectacular experience/process that you brought to our folks!!”

Avra Warsofsky, Director of Programs, Magnolia High School